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What is a standard Australian outlet

When it comes to electrical power outlets, each country may have its own standards and specifications. In Australia, the standard power outlet used for domestic purposes is known as the AS 3112 plug and socket system. This technical article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the standard Australian outlet, including its design, safety features, and compatibility.

Design and Features

The standard Australian outlet has a unique design and features that distinguish it from outlets used in other countries. It consists of three flat pins forming a triangular shape. The top two pins are angled diagonally at 30 degrees, while the bottom pin is longer and connected to the earth wire for grounding purposes. This design ensures proper alignment and prevents accidental insertion of foreign objects into the socket.

Additionally, the standard Australian outlet is designed to be vertically mounted on walls or power boards. The sockets are typically recessed within a wall plate or power board, providing a neat and flush appearance. This design also reduces the risk of damage to the pins and makes them less accessible to young children.

Safety Features

Safety is a primary concern when it comes to electrical power outlets. The standard Australian outlet incorporates several safety features to minimize the risk of electrical accidents. Firstly, the earth pin is longer than the live and neutral pins, ensuring that it makes contact first when inserting a plug into the socket. This helps to establish a safe grounding connection before the live pins come into contact with the power supply.

In addition, the standard Australian outlet is equipped with shutters over the live and neutral sockets. These shutters are spring-loaded and only open when equal pressure is applied simultaneously to both pins of a plug. This feature provides protection against accidental exposure to electrical contacts, particularly for children who may try to insert objects into the sockets.


The standard Australian outlet is compatible with appliances designed for the AS 3112 plug and socket system. This means that most electrical devices manufactured for use in Australia will have plugs that fit into this outlet. However, it's important to note that not all countries utilize the same outlet design and voltage standards.

For international travelers or those using appliances from other countries, adapters or converters may be necessary to ensure compatibility between their devices and the standard Australian outlet. It is crucial to check the voltage requirements and plug designs of imported appliances to avoid potential damage or hazards due to improper connections.

In conclusion, understanding the design, safety features, and compatibility of the standard Australian outlet is essential for anyone residing in or visiting Australia. The AS 3112 plug and socket system provides a reliable and standardized power outlet solution, ensuring the efficient and safe supply of electricity for domestic use.


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