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What is ASNZS 61347.1:2016?

ASNZS 61347.1:2016 is a technical standard that specifies safety requirements for electrical equipment used in lighting. It is an Australian and New Zealand Standard which ensures that lighting products available in the market are safe for use and do not pose any risk of electric shock or fire hazards.

Scope and Application

This standard applies to all types of lighting equipment, including lamps, luminaires, control gear, and other associated components. It covers both indoor and outdoor lighting installations and provides guidelines for installation, operation, and maintenance of lighting systems.

Key Requirements

The standard outlines several key requirements that lighting equipment must meet to comply with safety regulations. These requirements include electrical insulation, protection against electric shock, temperature limitations, resistance to moisture and dust, as well as protection against excessive currents and short circuits.

Additionally, ASNZS 61347.1:2016 also sets criteria for marking, labeling, and user instructions to ensure that consumers have clear information about the safe use of lighting products. Compliance with this standard is essential for manufacturers, importers, retailers, and installers to ensure that their products and installations meet safety standards.

Benefits and Importance

The implementation of ASNZS 61347.1:2016 brings several benefits to the industry and end-users. Firstly, it promotes the production and sale of safe and reliable lighting equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by electrical faults.

Moreover, this standard helps establish a level playing field for manufacturers and importers, ensuring fair competition and consumer trust in the market. Compliance with ASNZS 61347.1:2016 also demonstrates a commitment to quality and safety, enhancing the reputation of businesses in the lighting industry.

In conclusion, ASNZS 61347.1:2016 is a crucial technical standard that ensures the safety and reliability of lighting equipment used in Australia and New Zealand. By complying with this standard, manufacturers, importers, retailers, and installers uphold the highest safety standards and provide consumers with reliable products that meet regulatory requirements.


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