IEC 60884-1 Figure 13 Device for Checking the Resistance to Lateral Strain

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Include ISO 17025 CNAS & ILAC Calibration Certificate
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Item No.: LX-LG36

IEC 60884-1 Figure 13 Device for Checking the Resistance to Lateral Strain

Lateral Strain Test Apparatus

Product details:
The appliance conforms to the standard of IEC60884-1 clause 13.14 figure 13. It is suitable for checking socket which rated current is not bigger than 16A and the voltage is not bigger than 250V. Its principle is to see whether there will be any damage to the socket in the standard sense when the electrical appliances insert to the socket and give it transverse stress.

Technical parameters:
Refer to the standard of IEC60884-1 clause 13.14, is suitable for socket-outlets having ratings no more than 16A and 250V, compliance is checked by means of the device shown in figure 13.

Common configuration:
It is equipped with test plug of 6A two-plug plug, 10A three-plug, 16A three-plug plug.
Hang weights: 5N * 1pc.

Test method:
1. Before first use, user should be familiar with the relevant standards for more effective and proper using the test apparatus and completing the test.

2. Each specimen is mounted on a vertical surface with the plane through the socket-contacts horizontal. The device is then fully engaged and a weight hung on it such that the force exerted is 5 N.

3. The device is removed after 1 min and the mounting fixture is rotated 90°, then carry on the test . The test should be processed four times (up, right, down, left, processing one test in each direction). The mounting fixture should be rotated 90°after each engagement.

4. The device shall not become disengaged from the socket-outlet during the test.

5. After the tests, the socket-outlets shall show no damage in the sense of this standard.

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