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What is BS EN 16708:2020?

The BS EN 16708:2020 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for a specific industry or sector. In this case, it focuses on the management of data generated from testing, measuring, or monitoring activities. The standard sets out the requirements for the collection, storage, and processing of data to ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

Importance of BS EN 16708:2020

BS EN 16708:2020 plays a crucial role in various industries where data management is essential. It ensures that organizations have proper systems in place to handle data effectively, especially when it comes to compliance, quality control, and decision-making processes. By following this standard, businesses can maintain the integrity of their data while increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Main Requirements of BS EN 16708:2020

1. Data Collection: The standard specifies the methods and tools to be used for collecting data. It emphasizes the importance of accurate and consistent data collection procedures to reduce errors and discrepancies.

2. Data Storage: BS EN 16708:2020 requires organizations to establish secure data storage systems that protect information from unauthorized access, loss, or damage. It also provides guidelines for backup and recovery processes.

3. Data Processing: The standard outlines the principles for processing data, including validation, verification, and analysis techniques. It ensures that data processing methods are robust, reliable, and transparent.

4. Documentation: BS EN 16708:2020 mandates organizations to maintain proper documentation regarding data management procedures. This includes recording data sources, collection methods, processing steps, and any changes made to the system.

5. Continuous Improvement: The standard promotes a culture of continuous improvement in data management. It encourages organizations to review their processes regularly, identify areas for enhancement, and implement corrective actions when necessary.


BS EN 16708:2020 is an important technical standard that sets out guidelines for effective data management. It helps organizations ensure the reliability, accuracy, and security of their data, ultimately leading to better decision-making processes and improved overall performance. By adhering to this standard, businesses can gain a competitive edge in today's data-driven world.


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