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What is BS EN 60350:2009 / BS EN 50304:2009?

BS EN 60350:2009 and BS EN 50304:2009 are both technical standards that pertain to electrical appliances. These standards outline the safety requirements and test methods for electric ovens and similar appliances. Let's delve into each standard and understand their significance in the industry.

BS EN 60350:2009 - Safety Requirements for Electric Ovens

BS EN 60350:2009 specifically focuses on electric ovens used for household, commercial, and industrial purposes. This standard provides a comprehensive set of safety requirements that manufacturers must adhere to during the design, production, and use of electric ovens. Compliance with this standard ensures that these appliances are safe for consumers to operate.

The standard emphasizes various aspects of safety, including electrical insulation, mechanical strength, temperature control mechanisms, protection against fire hazards, and the prevention of electric shocks. It also addresses the safety of components and materials used in electric ovens, such as heating elements, switches, wiring, and control devices. The testing methods defined in BS EN 60350:2009 enable manufacturers to verify the safety performance of their products.

BS EN 50304:2009 - Test Methods for Electric Ovens

While BS EN 60350:2009 focuses on safety requirements, BS EN 50304:2009 establishes the test methods to assess the compliance of electric ovens with those requirements. This standard defines the procedures and conditions under which various tests should be conducted to determine if an electric oven meets the safety criteria outlined in BS EN 60350:2009.

The test methods encompass a wide range of evaluations, including temperature measurement accuracy, insulation resistance, mechanical strength of door hinges and latches, endurance testing of controls and switches, stability during operation and transportation, and even the assessment of user instructions. Manufacturers are required to perform these tests and provide evidence of compliance with BS EN 60350:2009 in order to obtain certification for their electric ovens.


BS EN 60350:2009 and BS EN 50304:2009 play crucial roles in ensuring the safety and reliability of electric ovens in various settings. While the former lays down the safety requirements for manufacturers to follow, the latter establishes the test methods to verify compliance with those requirements. By adhering to these standards, manufacturers can confidently produce electric ovens that are safe and trustworthy, providing consumers with peace of mind when using these appliances.


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