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What is BS EN4567-02:2017?


The BS EN4567-02:2017 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the implementation of certain procedures in specific industry sectors. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of this standard and its significance in the relevant industries.

Scope of the Standard

The BS EN4567-02:2017 standard covers various aspects related to quality management systems, including design, development, production, installation, and servicing. It is applicable to organizations involved in manufacturing, processing, or providing services across different sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and electronics.

Main Requirements

The standard outlines several key requirements that organizations need to meet to achieve compliance. These include:

Establishing a robust quality management system (QMS) to ensure consistent product or service delivery.

Implementing effective risk management strategies, including identification, assessment, and mitigation of potential risks.

Documenting and maintaining accurate records of all processes, procedures, and actions taken to meet the standard's requirements.

Regular monitoring and measurement of key performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of the QMS.

Continual improvement of processes and systems to enhance overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Compliance

Complying with the BS EN4567-02:2017 standard brings several advantages to organizations. Firstly, it helps to enhance product or service quality and consistency, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Secondly, it assists in identifying and mitigating potential risks, contributing to improved operational resilience. Additionally, compliance improves competitiveness by demonstrating organizational commitment to quality and safety.


The BS EN4567-02:2017 is a vital standard for organizations across various sectors, as it provides comprehensive guidelines for establishing effective quality management systems. By complying with the requirements outlined in this standard, organizations can ensure consistent product or service delivery, minimize risks, and improve overall customer satisfaction.


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