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What is a UL Category Control Number?

A UL Category Control Number (CCN) is a unique identification number assigned by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to products that have been tested and certified to meet applicable safety standards. This control number helps to ensure that the product meets the necessary safety requirements and can be trusted for use in various applications.

Understanding UL Certification

UL is a globally recognized, independent third-party testing and certification organization. It evaluates products based on a set of rigorous safety standards developed by industry experts. Products that pass these tests receive a UL certification mark and are assigned a CCN, which acts as a reference point for regulators, manufacturers, and consumers.

UL's certification process involves comprehensive testing, manufacturing facility inspections, and ongoing follow-up evaluations. It ensures that the product not only meets the initial safety requirements but also maintains the same level of quality throughout its production lifecycle.

The Importance of a UL CCN

The UL Category Control Number serves several important purposes:

1. Verification of Safety Compliance: The CCN provides a quick and reliable way to verify that a product has undergone UL testing and meets the appropriate safety standards. Regulators and authorities can easily cross-reference the UL database using the CCN to ensure compliance.

2. Consumer Confidence: Displaying the UL certification mark and CCN on a product instills confidence in consumers that it has been independently evaluated for safety. It reassures them that the product has undergone rigorous testing and can be trusted for safe use.

3. Market Access: Many regulatory bodies require products to undergo UL testing and possess a CCN before they can be sold or used in specific industries or geographic regions. Without the certification and CCN, companies may face barriers to market entry.


The UL Category Control Number plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of products. It provides a standardized reference for regulators, manufacturers, and consumers to verify compliance with applicable safety standards. By displaying the UL certification mark and CCN, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to delivering safe products to the market.


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