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What is BS EN 12352

BS EN 12352 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for road transport information and control systems. It focuses on the design, installation, and operation of traffic control devices, including variable message signs and traffic signal systems.

Requirements and Guidelines

This standard provides detailed guidelines for the design and implementation of road traffic control systems. It covers various aspects, such as the size and shape of road signs, the color and brightness of the signage, the font size and style, and the positioning and visibility of the signs. It also outlines the technical requirements for electronic display devices, including their size, resolution, and durability.

The standard emphasizes the importance of clear and concise messaging to ensure that drivers can easily understand the information displayed. It requires signs and messages to use internationally recognized symbols and pictograms, and encourages the use of simple and intuitive graphics to convey information quickly and effectively.

Benefits and Impact

BS EN 12352 plays a crucial role in improving road safety and traffic flow. By providing a standardized framework for the design and implementation of road traffic information systems, it ensures consistency across different regions and countries. This enables drivers to quickly and accurately interpret the displayed information, reducing confusion and potential accidents.

The standard also promotes the use of advanced technologies, such as LED displays and dynamic message signs, which offer greater flexibility in conveying real-time information to drivers. These technologies can help alert drivers about road conditions, traffic congestion, and other relevant information, allowing them to make more informed decisions and adjust their driving behavior accordingly.


BS EN 12352 is an essential standard that ensures the effectiveness and uniformity of road traffic control systems. Its guidelines and requirements contribute to improved road safety, reduced congestion, and enhanced driver awareness. By implementing this standard, governments and transportation authorities can create a more cohesive and efficient road network that benefits all road users.


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