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What equipment can be plugged into an approved multiple outlet strip in a healthcare facility?


In a healthcare facility, having access to electricity is crucial for the proper functioning of medical equipment. However, due to limited wall outlets, it becomes necessary to use multiple outlet strips. This article aims to guide healthcare professionals on what equipment can be safely plugged into an approved multiple outlet strip.

Safety Regulations and Guidelines

When selecting an approved multiple outlet strip for a healthcare facility, it is essential to choose one that complies with safety regulations and guidelines. The outlet strip should have built-in surge protection, be UL-listed, and meet the specific power requirements of the facility.

Equipment Suitable for Plug-In

Here are some examples of equipment that can typically be plugged into an approved multiple outlet strip in a healthcare facility:

Computers and monitors: These devices are integral to administrative functions and keeping track of patient records.

Diagnostic equipment: Equipment such as electrocardiogram (ECG) machines, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters can be plugged into outlet strips. However, it is crucial to verify if these devices have specific power needs or require isolation from other electrical equipment.

Lamps and task lighting: Adequate lighting in healthcare facilities is essential for examinations and surgeries. Lamps and task lighting can be conveniently plugged into outlet strips placed near workstations.

Chargers and portable devices: Mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices used by healthcare professionals can be connected to outlet strips for charging purposes.

Equipment Requiring Direct Wall Outlet Connection

While most equipment can be safely plugged into an approved multiple outlet strip, some devices require a direct wall outlet connection. Examples of such equipment include:

Life support systems: Equipment like ventilators and dialysis machines should always be directly connected to wall outlets to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

High-power medical devices: Medical devices that draw significant power, such as X-ray machines and surgical lasers, need a direct wall outlet connection to prevent power overload on the outlet strip.


Choosing the right equipment to plug into an approved multiple outlet strip in a healthcare facility plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and functional environment. Healthcare professionals must adhere to safety regulations and guidelines when selecting equipment to connect to these outlet strips. If unsure, consult the manufacturer or a qualified electrician to ensure a reliable and secure power supply for medical devices.


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