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What is BS EN 16759-2020?


BS EN 16759-2020 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for writing in-depth technical articles. It is widely recognized and used by professionals in various industries to ensure the quality and clarity of technical documentation. This article aims to provide an and understanding of BS EN 16759-2020.

Main Requirements

BS EN 16759-2020 covers several key aspects that technical writers should adhere to when creating in-depth technical articles. One of the main requirements is a clear and concise writing style with the use of precise technical terminology. The document emphasizes the importance of avoiding ambiguous language and jargon that may confuse readers.

Besides writing style, BS EN 16759-2020 also highlights the significance of proper structuring and organization of the content. Technical articles should have a logical flow and be divided into sections and subsections as necessary. Additionally, the document underscores the need for accurate citations and references, ensuring that all sources are properly credited.

Technical Illustrations and Visuals

In addition to text-based content, BS EN 16759-2020 encourages the use of technical illustrations and visuals to enhance understanding. These include diagrams, charts, graphs, and images that can effectively convey complex concepts or procedures. However, it is crucial to ensure that the visuals are relevant, labeled correctly, and properly referenced within the article.


BS EN 16759-2020 sets a standard for in-depth technical article writing, aiming to improve the readability, clarity, and overall quality of such documents. By adhering to the guidelines and requirements outlined in this document, technical writers can effectively communicate complex information to their target audience. Furthermore, following BS EN 16759-2020 can also enhance the credibility and professionalism of technical articles across various industries.


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