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What does a 15 amp plug look like in Australia?

In Australia, the standard electrical outlets are designed to handle a maximum current of 10 amps. However, there are certain appliances and devices that require more power and therefore, use a 15 amp plug. These plugs are different from the regular ones in terms of their shape and design.

The design of a 15 amp plug

A 15 amp plug in Australia is larger and has three prongs instead of two. The additional prong is placed in the middle and is slightly longer than the other two. This unique design ensures that the plug is inserted only into a compatible socket capable of handling the higher current.

Identification features

To differentiate a 15 amp plug from a regular plug, there are specific identification features that you can look out for. Firstly, the earth pin in a 15 amp plug is in a different location compared to a standard plug. It is positioned diagonally opposite to one of the flat prongs. Additionally, the plugs are often color-coded with a blue casing or an extra blue ring around the base.

Compatibility and usage

It is important to note that a 15 amp plug cannot be used with a regular 10-amp socket. Similarly, a regular plug will not fit into a 15 amp socket. So, if you have an appliance that requires a 15 amp power supply, it is essential to ensure that your electrical outlet supports it. You may need to consult an electrician to install a suitable socket.

In conclusion, a 15 amp plug in Australia has a distinct design, featuring three prongs and a larger size. It is specifically used for appliances and devices that require more power than the standard 10 amp outlets can provide. These plugs are not interchangeable with regular plugs and should only be used with compatible sockets.


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