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What is BS EN 12123-2022?

BS EN 12123-2022 is a technical standard that has been established to ensure safety and quality in the production and use of certain products. This standard sets out specific requirements that manufacturers must meet in order to comply with industry regulations and provide consumers with reliable and safe products.

Importance of BS EN 12123-2022

BS EN 12123-2022 plays a crucial role in various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and engineering. It provides a framework for product testing, certification, and quality control, ensuring that products meet the necessary standards before they are released into the market.

By complying with BS EN 12123-2022, manufacturers can enhance their reputation, gain consumer trust, and reduce the risks associated with faulty or substandard products. Additionally, this standard helps in harmonizing regulations across different countries, facilitating international trade and supporting competitiveness in the global market.

Key Requirements of BS EN 12123-2022

BS EN 12123-2022 covers a wide range of products, including but not limited to machinery, electrical equipment, and building materials. Some of the key requirements outlined in this standard include:

Quality control measures during production, including inspections, testing, and documentation.

Design criteria to ensure products are suitable for their intended use and meet relevant safety standards.

Clear instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance of the products.

Proper labeling and marking for identification and traceability.

Compliance with health and safety regulations, addressing potential hazards and risks.


BS EN 12123-2022 is an essential technical standard that promotes safety and quality in various industries. By adhering to its requirements, manufacturers can ensure their products are reliable and meet the necessary regulations. Compliance with BS EN 12123-2022 not only protects consumers but also enhances the reputation and competitiveness of businesses in the global market.


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