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What is BS EN 50200:2006?

BS EN 50200:2006 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for fire-resistant cables for emergency systems. These cables are designed to maintain their functionality in the event of a fire, providing crucial communication and power supply during emergencies. The standard sets out various technical parameters and testing procedures to ensure the reliability and performance of these cables under extreme conditions.

Importance of Fire-Resistant Cables in Emergency Systems

In emergency situations such as building fires, it's imperative to have reliable communication and power supply to facilitate rescue operations and ensure the safety of individuals. Fire-resistant cables play a vital role in providing uninterrupted transmission of data, signals, and electricity when traditional cables may fail due to heat, flames, or smoke generated by a fire.

This standard ensures that fire-resistant cables meet stringent requirements and are capable of maintaining their function for a defined period of time under specific fire conditions. By using these cables, emergency systems can continue to operate even in the midst of a fire, allowing vital information to be transmitted and critical equipment to be powered.

Technical Specifications and Testing Procedures

The BS EN 50200:2006 standard outlines several technical specifications and testing procedures that fire-resistant cables need to comply with. These include:

Fire resistance test:

Determining the ability of the cable to withstand an elevated temperature for a specified duration without losing its functionality.

Circuit integrity test:

Evaluating the cable's ability to maintain electrical continuity during exposure to fire conditions.

Mechanical shock test:

Assessing the cable's resistance to mechanical impacts during installation or operation.

These tests are carried out under strict laboratory conditions by subjecting the cables to various simulated fire scenarios. The standard specifies pass/fail criteria for each test, ensuring that only fire-resistant cables that meet the stringent requirements are deemed compliant.


BS EN 50200:2006 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of emergency systems by setting standards for fire-resistant cables. By adhering to these standards, manufacturers can produce cables that maintain their functionality even in the presence of fire, enabling vital communication and power supply during emergencies. Compliance with this standard gives assurance to building owners, installers, and end-users that the fire-resistant cables they rely upon are suitable for their intended purpose and can help save lives.


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