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What is BS EN45571:2017?


BS EN45571:2017 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for conducting materials and components flammability testing in electronic devices. It ensures the safety of these devices by assessing their resistance to ignition and flame spread.

Key Requirements of BS EN45571:2017

The standard outlines several key requirements that electronic devices must meet to pass flammability testing:

Ignition Resistance: The material or component should not ignite when exposed to a small flame.

Flame Spread: If the material does ignite, the flame should not spread rapidly.

Glowing and Dripping: The material should not continue to glow or drip flaming particles after the ignition source is removed.

Fire Retardancy: The material should have self-extinguishing properties.

Importance of BS EN45571:2017

Complying with BS EN45571:2017 is crucial for electronic device manufacturers. It helps ensure that their products are safe and less prone to fires caused by ignition heat sources. By following this standard, manufacturers can minimize the risk of accidents and protect consumers' lives and property.


BS EN45571:2017 plays a vital role in enhancing the fire safety standards of electronic devices. Its requirements help prevent potential hazards related to flammability and promote the overall well-being and security of users. Manufacturers are encouraged to adhere to this standard to guarantee the highest level of safety for their products.


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