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What is BS EN 16708:2020?

BS EN 16708:2020 is a technical standard developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI). It provides guidelines and requirements for the management of all aspects related to the cleaning services industry. This comprehensive standard addresses a wide range of topics, including hygiene, safety measures, quality control, and sustainability in cleaning operations.

Hygiene Requirements

The BS EN 16708:2020 standard places great emphasis on ensuring optimal hygiene practices within the cleaning services industry. It outlines specific measures that need to be taken to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of infections. This includes proper handling and disposal of waste, usage of appropriate cleaning agents and equipment, as well as the adoption of best practices for personal hygiene among cleaning staff.

Safety Measures

Another crucial aspect covered by BS EN 16708:2020 is the implementation of safety measures in cleaning operations. The standard provides guidance on risk assessments, hazard identification, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the well-being of workers. It also addresses training requirements to impart necessary knowledge and skills for safe cleaning practices, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries on the job.

Quality Control and Sustainability

BS EN 16708:2020 emphasizes the importance of quality control and sustainability in the cleaning services industry. The standard sets criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of cleaning processes, such as measuring cleanliness levels and implementing regular inspections. Moreover, it encourages the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices to minimize the impact on the environment and promote sustainability within the industry.

In conclusion, BS EN 16708:2020 is a comprehensive technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the management of hygiene, safety, quality control, and sustainability in the cleaning services industry. By adhering to this standard, cleaning service providers can ensure that their operations meet established benchmarks and deliver safe, high-quality, and sustainable cleaning solutions.


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