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What is IS 1293?

IS 1293 is a technical specification set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for the safety of electrical plugs, socket outlets, and connectors in India. It lays down the requirements for the design, construction, and testing of these electrical accessories to ensure compatibility, reliability, and user safety.

Why was an Amendment Needed?

The need for an amendment to IS 1293 arises from the ever-evolving landscape of technology and the introduction of new electrical devices in the market. The existing specifications might not adequately address the latest advancements, potential hazards, or emerging safety concerns. Therefore, an amendment becomes vital to update and enhance the standards to match the current industry practices and ensure consumer safety.

Main Features of the Amendment

The amendment to IS 1293 brings forth several important changes. Firstly, it includes updated definitions and terminology to reflect the latest technological advancements. This helps in clarity and consistency across the standard. Secondly, it introduces stricter criteria for various performance requirements, such as electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and resistance to environmental conditions. These enhancements aim to improve the overall durability, reliability, and safety of electrical accessories.

The amendment also addresses specific aspects like improved protection against electric shock, enhanced markings and labeling requirements for easy identification, and better strain relief provisions. Furthermore, it incorporates guidelines for the evaluation of conformity and testing procedures to facilitate compliance with the revised standard.

Impact and Compliance

The amendment to IS 1293 has a significant impact on manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers. Manufacturers need to update their production processes and design specifications to align with the amended standards. Suppliers have to verify the compliance of their products through testing at accredited laboratories. Consumers can expect safer and more reliable electrical accessories in the market, reducing the risks of electrical accidents or malfunctions.

Compliance with the amendment is mandatory for all manufacturers and importers to ensure the products meet the required safety levels. This creates a more standardized and regulated marketplace, assuring consumers of the quality and reliability of electrical plugs, socket outlets, and connectors available in India.


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