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What are 3 levels of product?

In marketing, a product can be understood at different levels. Marketers often refer to these as the "Three Levels of Product." Understanding the three levels is crucial for creating successful marketing strategies and delivering value to customers. This article will explain each level in detail.

Core Product

The core product is the fundamental benefit or problem-solving solution that the customer seeks when purchasing a product. It is the primary reason why the customer wants to possess the product.

For example, when a customer buys a laptop, the core product is not just the physical device itself. Instead, it includes the benefits such as the ability to work on-the-go, access to information and entertainment, and improved productivity.

Actual Product

The actual product refers to the tangible, physical product that customers can see, touch, and experience. It includes the design, features, packaging, brand, and all the attributes that make up the product.

Continuing with the previous example, the actual product of a laptop would include specifications like processor speed, storage capacity, screen size, keyboard type, operating system, and so on. These features differentiate one laptop from another and give customers an idea of what they can expect from the product.

Augmented Product

The augmented product represents additional services or benefits that accompany the physical product. These services enhance the overall value and user experience for the customers.

In the case of the laptop, augmented product elements might include warranty, customer support, software updates, technical assistance, and even add-ons like free antivirus software or video editing tools. These extras enhance the perceived value of the product, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

In conclusion, the three levels of product – core, actual, and augmented – are essential for marketers to understand. By recognizing these levels, marketers can better position their products in the market, communicate value to customers, and create strong and lasting customer relationships.


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