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What is BS EN 166892020?

BS EN 166892020 is a technical standard that sets out the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) used for eye and face protection. It provides guidelines for manufacturers, regulators, and users to ensure the safety and effectiveness of such equipment.

Importance of BS EN 166892020

This standard is crucial because it aims to protect workers and individuals from potential hazards, such as flying debris, chemical splashes, and dangerous particles. By complying with this standard, PPE manufacturers can confidently produce eyewear that meets the necessary safety and quality criteria.

Moreover, strict adherence to BS EN 166892020 helps regulators maintain consistent standards across different countries and industries. This, in turn, ensures that users can rely on eye and face protection products to offer reliable and effective safeguards.

Key Requirements of BS EN 166892020

To meet the BS EN 166892020 standard, PPE must comply with several key requirements, including:

Optical Quality: The eyewear's lenses should provide clear vision without any visual distortion that could impair the user's ability to see clearly.

Impact Resistance: The eyewear should withstand impacts from high-speed particles or fragments without breaking or shattering.

Chemical Resistance: If the eyewear is intended to protect against chemical splashes, it must be resistant to specific chemicals and their corresponding concentrations.

Field of Vision: The eyewear should not obstruct the wearer's field of vision or limit their peripheral vision, ensuring optimal awareness of the surroundings.


BS EN 166892020 is a vital technical standard that provides guidelines for the design, testing, and use of eye and face protection equipment. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products offer the necessary level of safety, while regulators can enforce consistent standards across industries and countries. Users, on the other hand, can trust that eyewear with BS EN 166892020 compliance will provide reliable protection against potential hazards in their respective work environments.


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