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What is BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015?

BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015 is a professional technical standard that outlines the requirements for contact centers. It provides organizations with guidelines to enhance customer service and ensure consistent quality across various communication channels.

The Purpose of BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015

This technical standard aims to improve customer experience by setting out key performance indicators (KPIs) and criteria for evaluating contact centers' effectiveness. It establishes a benchmark for customer service, enabling organizations to assess their own practices and identify areas for improvement.

By adhering to BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015, contact centers can achieve greater operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately provide a better overall customer experience.

Main Requirements of BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015

BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015 covers various aspects of contact center operations, including management, infrastructure, and processes. Some of its main requirements include:

Customer interaction handling, which includes response time, quality, and consistency.

Staff competence and training, ensuring that employees have the necessary skills to handle customer queries effectively.

Workforce management, including scheduling, workload distribution, and performance evaluation.

Data security and confidentiality, protecting customers' personal information from unauthorized access.

Continuous improvement practices, encouraging contact centers to regularly review and enhance their operations.

Benefits and Impact of BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015

Implementing BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015 can lead to several benefits for contact centers and their customers. Firstly, it enables organizations to deliver consistent, high-quality customer service, regardless of the communication channel used.

Secondly, the standard helps improve operational efficiency by optimizing resource allocation and ensuring effective workforce management. This leads to cost savings and a more productive work environment.

BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015 also enhances data security and confidentiality, protecting customers' sensitive information. This builds trust and confidence in the contact center's ability to handle personal data responsibly.

Overall, complying with BS EN 15838:2010+A2:2015 has a positive impact on customer satisfaction, employee performance, and business reputation. It sets a benchmark for excellence in customer service and provides a framework for continuous improvement within the contact center industry.


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