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What is BS EN 45559:2017?

BS EN 45559:2017 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements and test methods for determining the flammability performance of materials used in the construction of upholstered furniture. This standard is applicable to various types of materials, including fabrics and fillings, and is widely recognized and adopted in the industry.

Importance of Flammability Testing

Flammability testing is crucial in ensuring the safety of upholstered furniture. The ability of materials to resist burning or slow down the spread of fire plays a significant role in preventing accidents and reducing the risk of severe injuries or fatalities. BS EN 45559:2017 sets out specific criteria that materials must meet to comply with safety regulations.

Requirements of BS EN 45559:2017

The standard outlines several key requirements that materials used in upholstered furniture must meet. These include ignition resistance, flame spread, heat output, smoke production, and the release of burning droplets. Each requirement has specific test procedures and performance limits that must be met to achieve compliance.

Test Methods for Compliance

To determine compliance with BS EN 45559:2017, various test methods are conducted on the materials. These tests assess the behavior of materials when exposed to specific conditions such as open flames, radiant heat, and heat release. The results obtained from these tests help evaluate the flammability performance of upholstery materials.

One commonly used test method is the "Cigarette Test." This test involves placing a lit cigarette on the upholstery material and observing the ignition resistance and flame spread. Another important test is the "Ignitability Test," which measures how easily a material catches fire when exposed to a small flame.

Additionally, heat release tests assess the energy released by burning materials, and smoke toxicity tests measure the amount of toxic gases emitted during combustion. These comprehensive test procedures ensure that materials used in upholstered furniture meet strict safety standards.

In conclusion, BS EN 45559:2017 is a crucial standard for assessing the flammability performance of materials used in upholstered furniture. Compliance with this standard ensures the safety of consumers by reducing the risk of fire accidents. Upholstery manufacturers must adhere to the strict requirements and test methods specified in this standard to produce furniture that meets the highest safety standards.


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