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What is BS EN 60146-2-1:2018?

BS EN 60146-2-1:2018 is an international technical standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This standard specifies the manufacturing requirements and testing methods for electrical equipment used in power electronic systems. It provides guidelines for ensuring the safety and reliability of these systems, making it an essential reference for manufacturers, engineers, and technicians in the field.

The Importance of BS EN 60146-2-1:2018

The adoption of BS EN 60146-2-1:2018 is crucial within the power electronics industry. This standard addresses various aspects of product development and evaluation, emphasizing the need to meet specified performance criteria. By adhering to its guidelines, manufacturers can ensure that their products are safe and efficient, minimizing the risk of failures or malfunctions.

Key Requirements of BS EN 60146-2-1:2018

BS EN 60146-2-1:2018 covers a wide range of requirements, including design principles, constructional requirements, and environmental considerations. It includes detailed instructions on insulation, protection against electric shock, and temperature limits. Additionally, the standard outlines specific tests that should be conducted during the manufacturing process, such as dielectric strength tests and thermal cycling tests, to evaluate the performance and durability of the equipment.

Adopting BS EN 60146-2-1:2018 in Practice

Implementing BS EN 60146-2-1:2018 requires close collaboration between different stakeholders. Manufacturers must carefully follow the guidelines outlined in the standard during the product design phase. Engineers and technicians play a crucial role in conducting the necessary tests to verify compliance with the standard's requirements. Additionally, regulatory bodies and certification organizations ensure that products meet the necessary standards before they enter the market.


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