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What is BS EN47624?

BS EN47624 is a set of technical specifications that define the requirements for emergency lighting systems. As the importance of effective emergency lighting in buildings has been recognized, BS EN47624 was established to ensure that these systems meet certain standards and provide reliable illumination when it is most needed.

The Purpose of BS EN47624

The main purpose of BS EN47624 is to establish guidelines and regulations for the design, installation, and operation of emergency lighting systems. These systems are crucial in enabling the safe evacuation of occupants during an emergency situation, such as a power outage or fire.

BS EN47624 ensures that emergency lighting systems are capable of illuminating escape routes and key safety areas, such as staircases, corridors, and exits, with sufficient light intensity and duration. It also covers aspects like the performance and maintenance of these systems to ensure their long-term reliability.

Key Requirements of BS EN47624

BS EN47624 specifies various requirements that emergency lighting systems must comply with. Some of the key requirements include:

The provision of adequate lighting levels: The standard defines the minimum illumination levels that emergency lighting systems need to achieve in different parts of a building. These levels are designed to allow safe movement and evacuation of occupants.

Sufficient duration of operation: Emergency lighting systems should be able to operate for a specified duration without external power supply. This ensures that occupants have enough time to evacuate the building safely before the system runs out of power.

Functionality testing: Regular functionality tests should be conducted on emergency lighting systems to ensure that they are working properly. This includes testing the battery backup, lamp operation, and any self-testing features.

Visible signage and markings: BS EN47624 requires the use of visible signage and markings to indicate the location and direction of escape routes, emergency exits, and essential safety equipment.

Importance of BS EN47624 Compliance

Compliance with BS EN47624 is crucial for building owners and occupants. By following the guidelines set forth by this standard, emergency lighting systems can be relied upon during critical situations. Adequate illumination levels and a sufficient duration of operation ensure that occupants can safely navigate their way out of a building, reducing the risk of panic or accidents.

BS EN47624 also helps building owners meet legal requirements and avoid potential liabilities. Non-compliant emergency lighting systems can result in serious consequences in the event of an emergency, including injuries or loss of life, property damage, and legal ramifications.

In conclusion, BS EN47624 sets the standard for emergency lighting systems, ensuring that they are designed, installed, and maintained to the highest specifications. By adhering to these guidelines, buildings can provide a safe and secure environment for their occupants, even in times of crisis.


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