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What is IEC 61439

IEC 61439 is a widely recognized international standard that defines requirements and tests for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. This standard plays a vital role in ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of electrical distribution systems.

Importance of IEC 61439

The implementation of IEC 61439 provides numerous benefits to both manufacturers and end-users of switchgear and control gear assemblies. This standard ensures that these products comply with specific technical requirements, guaranteeing their quality, functionality, and suitability for intended use.

Main Requirements of IEC 61439

IEC 61439 lays out several essential requirements that must be met by switchgear and control gear assemblies. These include:

Constructional Requirements: The standard specifies various design and construction criteria to ensure proper protection against electrical hazards, mechanical stability, and ingress protection.

Performance Requirements: IEC 61439 defines specific parameters such as voltage, current, short-circuit withstand capability, temperature rise, and fault clearance, which the assemblies must adhere to.

Verification Testing: Manufacturers are required to perform extensive type tests to validate the compliance of their products with the standard's requirements. These tests include temperature-rise testing, dielectric testing, and short-circuit testing.

Benefits of Compliance with IEC 61439

Complying with IEC 61439 offers several advantages. For manufacturers, it ensures their products meet globally recognized standards, enhances their reputation, and expands market opportunities. End-users benefit from increased safety, reduced risks of electrical failures, improved system performance, and simplified maintenance and operation.

In conclusion, IEC 61439 is a crucial international standard for ensuring the safety and performance of low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. Compliance with this standard provides significant benefits for both manufacturers and end-users, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of electrical distribution systems.


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