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What is BS EN 10087:2011?

BS EN 10087:2011 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, and testing of safety cabinets for the storage of flammable liquids. Flammable liquids pose a significant risk if they are not stored properly, as they have the potential to ignite or explode. This standard provides guidelines for ensuring the safe storage of these liquids, protecting both people and property.

The Importance of Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets are specially designed containers used for storing flammable liquids. They are constructed with fire-resistant materials that can withstand ignition from external sources and prevent the spread of fire in case of an accident. By using a safety cabinet, companies can minimize the risks associated with flammable liquids and ensure compliance with safety regulations. These cabinets also contribute to the overall safety culture of an organization by promoting responsible storage practices.

Key Requirements of BS EN 10087:2011

The standard outlines several key requirements that safety cabinets must meet. One of the most important aspects is the design and construction of the cabinet itself. It should be made of high-quality, fire-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to flames and heat. The cabinet should also have proper ventilation systems to prevent the accumulation of hazardous vapors inside. Additionally, the doors of the cabinet should be self-closing to limit the oxygen supply and suppress any potential fire.

Furthermore, BS EN 10087:2011 mandates that safety cabinets undergo rigorous testing to ensure their performance and compliance. This involves subjecting the cabinets to fire resistance tests, where they are exposed to specific temperatures and flame durations. Cabinets must also undergo leakage tests to verify their ability to contain potentially hazardous liquids. Additionally, the standard specifies requirements for labeling, storage capacity, and separation distances between cabinets.

Benefits of Compliance

Adhering to BS EN 10087:2011 brings several benefits to companies. First and foremost, it helps protect employees and facilities from the risks associated with flammable liquids. By implementing proper storage measures, organizations reduce the chance of accidents and minimize property damage in the event of a fire. Additionally, compliance with safety standards ensures that businesses operate within legal requirements and industry best practices. This may result in lower insurance premiums, improved customer trust, and enhanced reputation.

Furthermore, BS EN 10087:2011 promotes a proactive approach to safety. By having clear guidelines in place, companies can prioritize risk management and maintain a safe working environment. Regular inspections and maintenance of safety cabinets ensure their effectiveness over time, allowing businesses to constantly address any potential concerns or issues.

In conclusion, BS EN 10087:2011 provides comprehensive guidelines for the design, manufacture, and testing of safety cabinets for flammable liquids. Adhering to this standard helps companies mitigate risks, protect their employees and facilities, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. By following the key requirements outlined in BS EN 10087:2011, organizations can create a safer work environment and demonstrate their commitment to safety.


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