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What is EN ISO 20689:2018?

EN ISO 20689:2018 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the evaluation and measurement of human body surface temperature by using infrared thermography. This standard specifies the requirements for equipment, test procedures, and reporting of results in order to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.

The Importance of EN ISO 20689:2018

With the increasing demand for non-contact temperature measurement methods, EN ISO 20689:2018 plays a crucial role in various fields. Firstly, it is widely used in medical applications for detecting abnormal body temperatures which could indicate the presence of a fever or illness. Secondly, this standard is essential in industrial environments where monitoring body temperature is necessary to ensure worker safety and prevent heat-related injuries. Moreover, EN ISO 20689:2018 is also applicable in research and development settings for studying thermal patterns and analyzing physiological responses.

Evaluating Human Body Surface Temperature

The evaluation of human body surface temperature involves the use of infrared cameras capable of capturing thermal images. These cameras detect and measure the emitted infrared radiation from the human body, converting it into temperature readings. The accuracy of the measurements depends on various factors such as distance, emissivity, and ambient conditions. EN ISO 20689:2018 provides detailed guidelines on the correct use of the equipment, calibration methods, and specific protocols for different body areas.

Reporting and Interpretation of Results

After the measurement process is completed, the obtained data needs to be reported and interpreted. EN ISO 20689:2018 establishes a standardized format for documenting and presenting the results. It includes information such as patient identification, measurement location, and environmental conditions during the evaluation. Additionally, this standard provides guidance on interpreting the results, taking into account factors like normal temperature ranges and possible influencing variables.

In conclusion, EN ISO 20689:2018 is a crucial technical standard that sets guidelines for the accurate evaluation of human body surface temperature using infrared thermography. Its widespread application in various fields ensures reliable temperature measurements, enabling early detection of abnormalities and improved safety. By adhering to this standard, practitioners can ensure accurate and consistent results while facilitating comparison and collaboration between different measurement processes.


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