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What is EN ISO 105-K09:2018?

EN ISO 105-K09:2018 is an international standard for testing the color fastness of textiles against artificial light sources. This standard specifies a method to determine the colorfastness of textiles when exposed to xenon arc fading lamps. Fading caused by natural daylight or other artificial light sources can also be evaluated using this standard.

The Testing Process

The testing process involves exposing textile samples to repeated cycles of light and dark conditions, simulating the effects of daylight exposure over a period of time. The samples are evaluated for any changes in color after each cycle. The standard specifies the equipment to be used, including the type of xenon arc fading lamp, the duration of exposure, and the evaluation criteria.

Significance of EN ISO 105-K09:2018

Compliance with EN ISO 105-K09:2018 ensures that textile products meet certain quality standards related to colorfastness. This is particularly important for textiles used in outdoor applications, such as awnings, outdoor furniture, and garments. Without proper colorfastness, these products may fade or change color quickly when exposed to sunlight or other light sources, reducing their aesthetic appeal and lifespan.

Industry Applications

The EN ISO 105-K09:2018 standard is widely used in the textile industry to assess the colorfastness of various products, including apparel, home textiles, and automotive textiles. Manufacturers and retailers can use this standard to ensure that their products meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Additionally, testing according to this standard provides reliable data for product labeling and marketing claims related to colorfastness.


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