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What is BS EN 16798-1:2020?

BS EN 16798-1:2020, also known as the European standard for building energy performance assessment, is a set of guidelines and regulations that aim to improve the energy efficiency of buildings across Europe. It provides a framework for assessing, reporting, and benchmarking the energy performance of both new and existing buildings.

The Key Principles

One of the key principles of BS EN 16798-1:2020 is the focus on whole-building energy performance. It takes into account various aspects such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and other internal systems to provide a holistic view of a building's energy efficiency. By considering all these factors, the standard aims to promote the use of integrated and sustainable energy solutions.

Building Energy Performance Certificates

Another important component of BS EN 16798-1:2020 is the requirement for building energy performance certificates. These certificates provide information about a building's energy performance and are often required by regulations for new constructions, major renovations, and buildings that are sold or rented out. The certificates include an energy efficiency rating and recommendations for improving the energy performance of a building.

The Benefits and Impact

BS EN 16798-1:2020 has several benefits and can have a significant impact on the building industry. Firstly, it helps raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency in buildings, leading to greater adoption of sustainable construction practices. Secondly, it enables building owners and occupants to make informed decisions about energy consumption and cost-saving measures. Additionally, by setting common standards, it encourages cooperation and knowledge sharing among professionals in the building sector.


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