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Glow-Wire Flammability Tester Introduction

The Glow Wire Tester is used to establish if overheated electrical and electronic components resulting from malfunctions such as overload, short circuit, poor connection, or others may ignite and spread the flame to the rest of the product. The glow wire tester uses steel spraying, imported instrument display, easy operation, stable performance, suitable for quality inspection departments at all levels and relevant enterprises to process flame test.

Glow Wire Tester Product Overview
The glow wire tester is a kind of test equipment to test for materials burning, glow-wire test apparatus according to the requirements of the “test methods” in the glow wire tester test standard design and manufacture. The glow wire tester device is suitable for the test of electric and electronic products, household appliances and materials conduct fire hazard testing for flame ignition source fire tests to determine the related materials from the glow wire ignition temperature and flammability, flame index. Flame spread within the device is easy to insulating materials or other solid combustible material part may be due to the glow wire or burning element into the sky burning.

Principle of Glow Wire Tester
glow wire tester uses large current regulations of material and the shape of the electric wire  to heat to the test temperature (550 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ for one min, it uses the prescribed pressure (1.0N) vertical blanch hot the sample 30s, depending on the sample and bedding material whether ignition or held the ignition time determination of electric and electronic equipment finished fire danger; ignitability determination of solid insulating materials and other solid combustible materials, ignition temperature ignitability and flammability index.


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