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Appliance Testing Equipment for the landlord’s security services

The portable Appliance Testing Equipment mainly used for testing electrical safety, it can exclude safety hazard for owners provides a more secure residence.

Keeping up with all of the rules and regulations is a potential minefield for any landlord; when this problem involves potentially dangerous electricity, this issue can become even more difficult. We will try and keep this document updated when changes are made to regulations. As guidance on this matter is vague at best we thought we’d try and clear thing up for Landlords asking the questions.

Most properties that are rented out contain both fixed wire and portable appliances. Ensuring that both of these do not cause damage to the property or endanger any tenants’ health and wellbeing is definitely a moral responsibility, but what action is required legally?

Fixed wiring, is any wiring or electrical equipment that is a permanent fixture of the house and cannot be moved. Tests take place not only to meet the legal requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and BS 7671: 2008, but  also provide you with evidence that your electrical system is safe and that complete, thorough tests have been carried out by fully trained and proficient staff. It also satisfies insurance company’s requirements and gives YOU peace of mind.

Portable appliances are any electrical equipment that can be moved around a property and are usually plugged into fixed wiring outlets. This can also include appliances that are fixed wired, such as washing machines, extract fans and the like.


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